Verbena 'Lollipop'

Verbena 'Lollipop'
Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop'
Verbena bonariensis has been around long enough that it doesn't really need any introduction, tall architectural stems topped with small vibrant purple - pink clusters of flowers all summer, adored by bees and prone to blowing over in the wind. Well 'Lollipop' does all of that, except the blowing over bit! Exactly the same as V. bonariensis, but half of the size, 'Lollipop' is much better for exposed gardens or where the almost extreme height of the original is too tall. 
 90 cm
30 cm 
Full - partial sun in most well drained soils. Suitable for mixed beds and borders and prairie gardens. 
Water well to establish. Only cut down when new growth has begun in the spring. Don't weed out seedlings. 
This plant will be sent out ready to be planted straight from it's 9cm pot!
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