Solidago 'Little Lemon'

Solidago 'Little Lemon'
Solidago 'Little Lemon'
'Little Lemon' is the perfect solution for those who love Goldenrods but don't have the room! A compact dwarf variety with all of the colour and insect draw of the full sized one 'Little Lemon' is a must have. Stems topped with plumes of golden flowers emerge and bloom in late summer.
Up to 0.30 m 
Up to 0.30 m 
Full sun or partial shade in any soil, will tolerate slight drought once established. Perfect for container life or any mixed borders, a must have addition for prairie gardens and wildlife areas.
Water frequently to establish, cut down with the first frosts.   
This plant will be sent out ready to be planted straight from it's 9cm  pot!
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Royal Mail Second Class:
1 - 2 plants: £3.50, 3-4 plants is £4.75, 5-6 plants is £6.50 and 7-8 plants is £8.50
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Up to 4 plants: £4.50, up to 10 plants: £7.50, 11+ Plants: £10.00