Phormium 'Back in Black'

Phormium 'Back in Black'
Phormium tanax 'Back in Black'
Phormium 'Back in Black' is one of our stars! It suits our remit perfectly, it looks like a Phormium, it behaves like a Phormium, but at only 80cm tall, it's much smaller than a normal Phormium! Strong strap like dark purple almost black leaves all year round. 
80 cm
75 cm 
Full sun in well drained soils. Perfect for containers but will also suit beds, borders and bedding schemes.
Water well to establish, will benefit from shelter in the winter if in the north or an exposed site.      
This plant will be sent out ready to be planted straight from it's 9cm pot!
Postage rates are-
Royal Mail Second Class:
1 - 2 plants: £3.50, 3-4 plants is £4.75, 5-6 plants is £6.50 and 7-8 plants is £8.50
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Up to 4 plants: £4.50, up to 10 plants: £7.50, 11+ Plants: £10.00