Iris sibirica 'Flight of Butterflies'

Iris sibirica 'Flight of Butterflies'
Iris sibirica 'Flight of Butterflies'
My favourite description of 'Flight of Butterflies' has to be: "...swarms of small flowers..." and it is so true! The delicately detailed blue and white flowers may be small, but they are borne in numbers that really do resemble a swarm! Being a Siberian Iris they are also very easy to grow and very resistant, providing foliage interest beyond their flowering period (which is May - June). 
Up to 0.75m 
Up to 0.50m 
Sunny site with moist soil, will even be prolifically happy at waters edge. Fantastic for spreading through mixed borders, planting in large swathes and as statement plants in containers.   
Water well to establish, Dead head frequently to prolong flowering.   
These plants will be sent out ready to be planted straight from their 8cm pots!
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1 - 2 plants: £3.00, 3-4 plants is £4.50, 5-6 plants is £6.00 and 7-8 plants is £8.00
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