Geranium renardii

Geranium renardii
Geranium renardii 
Geranium renardii is the most wonderful of cranesbills, not for it's overly colourful mass of flowers, but for it's delicately intricate pale pink and red veined flowers, carried in small numbers in late spring / early summer over wonderfully soft and attractive leaves.
Up to 0.30m 
Up to 0.50m 
Flowers best when kept in full sun in poor quality soil (so don't feed or mulch when planting). Great mixed in the borders, but will do especially well in rockeries and alpine plantings.   
Water well to establish, divide every 3 years to maintain vigour and improve spread. Deadhead frequently to prolong flowering, do not expect a second flush of flowering as with other Geraniums, but it may sometimes happen.  
This plant will be sent out ready to be planted straight from it's 9cm pot! 
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