Digitalis x mertonensis

Digitalis x mertonensis
Digitalis x mertonensis 
Digitalis or Foxglove needs no introduction, but this version of it may do. Also known as the Strawberry Foxglove due to its wonderfully soft pink colour, this plant has great potential for any garden. The tall and graceful flower stalks are produced in the early summer and are great dotted through the borders. As all Foxgloves, this plant is a Short lived perennial, living for a maximum of 4 years, so make sure you spread it's seed! 
Up to 0.75m 
Up to 0.30m 
Does best in shady conditions, but will tolerate a slight degree of sun exposure. Any moist soil, will usually find it seeding (if allowed) into obscure places that don't match the description. Any woodland borders, mixed herbaceous or cottage garden.   
Water well to establish, collect and scatter seed mid - late summer for guaranteed succession.  
TOXIC: All parts of this plant are poisonous if eaten.
This plant will be sent out ready to be planted straight from it's 9cm pot! 
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