Athyrium otophorum 'Okanum'

Athyrium otophorum 'Okanum'
Athyrium otophorum 'Okanum'
A relatively small growing fern but still of a good size, the painted lady ferns are fantastic plants indeed. 'Okanum' with it's pale green fronds and vibrant red stems is one of my favourites. Don't be fooled by it's delicate looks though! These ferns are tough little girls, fully hardy and resilient to most of what the British weather can throw at them, a must for any garden! 
Up to 0.45m 
Up to 0.45m 
Any moist soil in a shady or lightly shaded position, avoid mid day direct sun and drought.   
Water frequently to establish and do not allow to become too dry. Clear debris during the winter to allow new fronds to come through in the spring.  
This plant will be sent out ready to be planted straight from it's 9cm pot!
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Royal Mail Second Class:
1 - 2 plants: £3.50, 3-4 plants is £4.75, 5-6 plants is £6.50 and 7-8 plants is £8.50.
Up to 4 plants: £4.50, up to 10 plants: £7.50, 11+ plants: £10.00.